Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A glamorous party in a vintage style dress

Hi lovely folks,

I hope, you´re doing well. Today I want to present a dress to you, which was quite easy to sew, BUT, I was crazy enough to add numerous pearls by hand to it, in order to posh it up and twinkle a little more!

As I happen to be a big admirer of previous decades, I was thrilled to learn that there are some 20ies style theme parties in my city and I immediately jumped to the occasion and bought me a ticket. The party series is called "Bohème Sauvage" and takes place in different locations all over Germany. They have a strict dresscode and I marvelled at all the photos of previous parties that I had the chance to see. 

So, what shall I wear???
My wardrobe actually is more based on modern basics than extravagant evening gowns especially not for the 1920´s. So, I thought, didn´t you say, you´re a seamstress? Make one, that´s the ticket! 
I rifled through my Burda Style magazines and finally found a dress that could rise to the occasion, Burda 126 out of the December issue 2011. 

After the decision was made, I went to my second favorite fabric shop in Berlin, Hüco Stoffe (my first choice is always the Maybachufer market), and bought some 2m of babypink satin in a Polyester qualitiy, for a dress solely made for one special occasion I didn´t want to spend too much money on a silksatin. I immediately loved the colour although it does make me look even more pale than I already am, I had to get it. Off I went, home, traced the pattern in a size 38, that´s a size 12 in the US, and cut out my pieces. I used interfacing in the same colour made from Acetat, a very light quality.
Ok, man, I was nervous before the first fitting, had I lightheartedly skipped making a muslin, but, thank heavens, it fitted just the way it should - Bingo! I also eliminated the panel of felt that was in the original design, which I didn´t like...

For a swankier look I wanted to add some beadstrings at the shoulder and at the bottom seam of the dress. Good idea, unfortunately beadstrings don´t grow on trees, so I went to a shop with DYI supplies and got hold of some beautiful Japanese beads in two designs, some
shaped like little balls, some jet beads, both in babypink and so delicate!

It took me like five evenings to complete the strings at the bottom seam, as you might imagine, but I love every single one of them! I like the feeling of them jingling when I´m moving in this dress. It was worth the while.

No need to mention that I had a blast that night at the party and though it was not the most exiting dress I saw that night, I still felt beautifully dressed and well satisfied for making it all by myself. 

Here come a few pictures with me posing like a silent movie film star... enjoy

(I do look fat in this pictures, but since it´s not a fitted dress I can assure you, it only looks like that:-P)

What about you, my lovely readers, do you sometimes make themed garments just for a special occasion? I would love to hear your stories..

´til soon,
XX Milan

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